Lightweight Server, Website and Service Monitoring

Monitor your entire infrastructure from a single dashboard. You can easily monitor all key and custom metrics and receive alerts when problems occur. It's simple to use, yet powerful.

Attention all users! Our new version 1.6.0 with new incident notes and much improvements is out.

Simple yet powerful

Our clear layout keeps you on top of things. Monitor your infrastructure with ease and clarity.

ServerMon - Dashboard

Monitor everything

As long as your service is available on the network, you can monitor it. No ifs, no buts.


Monitor your servers with a range of key metrics. Our server agents are secure and very lightweight.


Easily check the online status of your websites, get certificate information and much more.


Monitor any network device with an IP address or hostname. Check specific ports or even your own scripts.

Features you need

ServerMon comes with all the important features you need. Besides the many basic functions, you can also extend the system with plugins or your own scripts.

Server Monitoring

  • Linux and Windows support
  • CPU/RAM/Disk info
  • Network & Interface info
  • RAID/ZFS info
  • Custom metrics
  • Plugin usage

Website Monitoring

  • Online checks
  • Certificate checks
  • Screenshot checks
  • Pattern search

Service Monitoring

  • Any TCP service (FTP, SSH, etc.)
  • Blacklist checks
  • Callback checks (monitor programs, cronjobs and own scripts)

Alerting & Incidents

  • Highly customizable alerts for virtually all metrics
  • Incidents are automatically closed if problems resolves themselves
  • Multiple types (warning and alert)


  • Email and sms (MessageBird,,
  • Push notifications (Push API)
  • Multiple types (warning and error)


  • Create public pages to display service metrics, online status and actual/last incidents
  • Multiple layouts (light and full)

Powerful mobile app

Stay up to date with our Progressive Web App (PWA). With push notifications, you’ll never miss a problem in your infrastructure. The mobile-optimised layout gives you easy access to all your services. Try it. You will love it…


Test ServerMon on our demo instance.
User: demouser@localhost | Password: demo123!


Self hosted

1 year updates
  • Lifetime usage
  • Unlimited hosts & checks
  • Host on your own server
  • Single domain license

Hosted version

We host and maintain your ServerMon Instance
50 /month
  • Monthly runtime
  • Always up-to-date system
  • 90 days graphical history
  • Sit back, just use it


Our self-hosted version can be used indefinitely. If you do not renew your licence, product updates will stop after one year. However, you can renew at any time. We also offer a lifetime licence – contact us for more information.

After installing your ServerMon dashboard, we will register your domain with your licence key. You can reinstall your ServerMon system on this domain at any time, but it is not possible to install ServerMon on another domain with your licence key. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to change your ServerMon dashboard domain. A change is no problem – but it has to be accepted in our backend.

Important note!
This is only a protection against abuse. We don’t want one person to buy a licence and then give the system to other people for free.

Linux systems

  • Our server agent only needs croncurl, wget and some default system tools like top, ip, ss or awk. You can easily monitor systems like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Archlinux, RHEL, Fedora, OpenSuse, Gentoo, Slackware and many more.

Windows systems

  • Windows 7 and higher
  • Windows Server 2012 and higher

Save your valuable time and don’t waste it on manual updates. Our Linux and Windows server agents are automatically updated daily via your dashboard. Keep your dashboard up to date and you will automatically use the latest server agents.

Linux systems

  • If you delete your server from the ServerMon dashboard, the agent is automatically deactivated. If you want to remove the agent, run “bash /opt/servermon/” as root. By default, our Linux agent runs in secure user-mode with its own user. This is the reason why it can only deactivate itself.

Windows systems

  • If you delete your server from the ServerMon dashboard, the agent is automatically deleted.

Basic support

  • Response time: none
  • Bugfix time: according to priority

Premium support

  • Support incidents: 5
  • Response time: within 2 days
  • Bugfix time: with the next releases
  • Working days: Monday to Friday

Enterprise support

  • Support incidents: 10
  • Response time: same day
  • Bugfix time: as soon as possible
  • Working days: 24/7